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Solutions Physical Therapy is committed to providing comprehensive physical therapy services with a Manual Therapy "hands-on" approach.  We proudly serve Jonesboro, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. 

What can you expect at Solutions Physical Therapy?

Our commitment to you:

Hands-On Therapy

Every therapist at Solutions is a trained manual therapist and will use their hands to treat you. Research demonstrates that this approach combined with a specific exercise program yields faster outcomes that exercise alone. Manual therapy involves hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilization and soft tissue release to find the problem, reduce pain and restore function. This unique, hands-on treatment separates Solutions from other physical therapy organizations.

Licensed Physical Therapists

Follow-up visits at many therapy organizations are performed by physical therapy assistants or athletic trainers. At Solutions, you will see a licensed physical therapist at each and every visit.


Your therapist at Solutions will evaluate your specific dysfunction and goals. Your condition and the expected outcome will then be explained to you and a customized plan of care that focuses on your needs will be implemented.


At each and every visit we re-establish the plan of care with you. Specific movements and functional activities are re-measured. Response to your last treatment and home exercises are assessed. This information is used to make changes and additions to your treatment which ensures your recovery is as quick and pain free as possible.


If we do not see progress within a reasonable time frame, we will discuss alternative options and coordinate with your physician to ensure your quick recovery.

Commitment to Excellence

We have specialized training and are committed to continued training and specialization to ensure state of the art management of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Specific Exercise Program

Not all injuries and not all patients are the same. Many therapy companies provide generic exercise handouts. This is not our approach; we will establish a specific exercise program for you. This will improve and optimize recovery time.


Quality physical therapy can be a time-efficient
cost-saver which can reduce the need for expensive
 imaging, prolonged medication usage and time away
 from work, while expediting the recovery process.  

Keith E. Johnson
Keith E. Johnson, PT, MTC, COMT
Solutions Physical Therapy
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